KelmscottEDU offers a full suite of communications strategies thoughtfully designed to contact, attract, and engage prospective students who will enroll in your institution.

Our philosophy is that students should be contacted early and engaged often to build a relationship. At KelmscottEDU, we offer a total communications strategy for your recruitment needs. Our enrollment philosophy is based on a number of key metrics that experience has shown us are necessary to achieve optimal results:
  • A targeted, data-driven selection of names achieves the highest yield possible.
  • Creating highly individualized search strategies and themes for your institution are key to engaging students.
  • Campaigns are as segmented and personalized as possible to the individual student.
  • Fast launch of your campaigns within days of when the student names become available is essential to achieve desired response rates.
  • Fulfillment is essential in engaging search respondents and must be done within hours of receiving an inquiry or application.
Analysis is critical, so we provide you with real-time access to your campaign results via the KelmscottEdu 24/7 Recruitmentt Dashboard.