New Insights.

Working with colleges and universities for many years and conducting new research has kept us on the leading edge of recruitment trends and solutions. Here we share some of our insights and expertise with you.

Growing Enrollment and Expanding Reach

Learn how Washington State University Tri-Cities increased their enrollment and grew their reach through student search, in partnership with KelmscottEDU.

Innovative Strategies to Cool Summer Melt

Are you concerned about summer melt? If so, this white paper provides you with an explanation of the various reasons students melt along with several proven-successful short- and long-term strategies that you can implement at your institution to reduce summer melt and ultimately meet or exceed your fall enrollment goals.

Considering Introverted and Extroverted Students in College Recruiting

Successful recruiting and good admission counseling requires an understanding of the most effective communication methods for each individual student. This article explores the differences between introverts and extroverts and provides practical recruitment considerations for enrollment management professionals.

Six Ways to Get Your Inquiries to Apply

You’ve worked hard to build a robust inquiry pool. Now comes the challenge of converting those desirable inquiries to applications. In this article, we offer six proven strategies you can implement this fall to encourage inquiries to apply and, thus, increase your conversion rate.

Chicago-Based University Case Study

Discover how a selective, private university in Chicago receives optimal sophomore and junior search results partnering with Kelmscott Communications.

Illinois Institute of Technology Case Study

Learn how the partnership between IIT and Kelmscott resulted in IIT’s largest full-time undergraduate enrollment in 30 years!

The Next Big Thing in Enrollment Management

In this Chronicle of Higher Education article, Dr. John Baworowsky writes how social media could be a game changer for student recruitment—if enrollment managers got better at using those new tools—and he makes mention of Kelmscott’s innovative recommendations for Facebook.

Private, Selective, Texas-based University Success Story

Find out how we partnered with a private, selective university in Texas to yield an astonishing 85 extra deposits and 74 additional enrolled students with just months before the start of the school year—an astonishing increase in deposits and enrollments for this time period.