Record-Breaking Results

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Snapshot 1
A very selective, STEM-focused university in Chicago used our student search and comprehensive communication delivery and fulfillment system with stellar results. Due to limited staff resources and technology issues, the university had been experiencing difficulty getting their communications out to prospective students in a timely manner. To meet their enrollment goals, they partnered with KelmscottEDU on targeted junior and senior searches as well as undergraduate and transfer student inquiry and applicant communication plans.

Record-breaking resultLargest undergraduate enrollment in 30 years!

Snapshot 2
A medium-sized, four-year, public university located in North Carolina approached KelmscottEDU with a serious enrollment predicament. Enrollments had been falling for the several past years, causing budgetary issues and concerns among stakeholders. KelmscottEDU created a comprehensive and data-driven student search strategy utilizing a tactical mix of carefully timed electronic and print components, strategic name buys, personalized messaging, and compelling design.

Record-breaking resultLargest number of enrolled students in five years with an incredible 86% of those students in the search list. The search tripled spring open house attendance and increased enrollment by 53% in one year!

Snapshot 3
A four-year, private college in Michigan partnered with KelmscottEDU on a Custom Admitted Student Engagement Campaign with strategically planned multi-channel (electronic, print, web, etc.) components specifically designed to build a relationship and encourage students to deposit.

Record-breaking resultLargest number of deposits in the history of the college.

Snapshot 4
A medium-sized, private college in New England teamed up with KelmscottEDU for a Custom Admitted Student Engagement Campaign designed to increase deposits and attendance at a key admitted student event. Using our campaign as the only means of advertising the event, they were thrilled to break their attendance record.

Record-breaking resultSignificant increase in deposits and the largest number of students ever at an admitted student event!

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