BIG Data Solutions

The Next Evolution in BIG Data

We harness the power of internal and external data to get optimal results for your enrollment campaigns and projects.

Data-Driven Strategy.
We start with data-driven strategy. We’ll consult with you and conduct deep-data analysis with internal and external sources to create an effective, one-of-a-kind student search strategy with segmented messages that engage and entice your prospective students to inquire or apply. With our unique software, we can append informative geo-demographic and income data. We also analyze local, state, and national data and conduct competitor analyses.

Deep-Dive List Analysis.
Purchasing an effectively targeted student list is one of the most critical components of a successful search. At KelmscottEDU, we are highly experienced in student list analysis and purchasing. We’ll conduct a custom list analysis for you and provide concrete purchasing recommendations by analyzing past search purchasing parameters, your enrolled student file, and other internal and external data to identify the list type and purchasing parameters that will give you the most qualified leads.

Precise Audience Targeting™.
We use big data in our proprietary Precise Audience Targeting™ (PAT), the most advanced customization communications solution available anywhere. With PAT, you can tailor your messages and visuals to meet each of your prospective student’s interests. PAT allows you to target students who are likely to enroll, track individual responses, and provide individual follow-up. And, PAT works across numerous communication media including: print, email, PURLs, and mobile devices.

24/7 Dashboard.
Another key component in KelmscottEDU’s Big Data strategy is to provide you with comprehensive, real-time results of your search campaigns. KelmscottEDU’s 24/7 Reporting Dashboard has the capability to monitor student actions and allows you to view your search results around the clock, via our web interface.

We track hundreds of data points in your search campaigns and organize them for you in easy-to-follow tables and charts. And we monitor and interpret your results throughout the campaign. You’ll have access to multiple real-time reports on response rates, click-throughs, response by list, and much more. Or you can create your own report using our easy-to-use data filter.

Your admission counselors will be able to see if a student has opened the email, clicked through on a link, and started or completed an inquiry form or application. Then, they can securely download the files and import them into Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, or whatever institutional data management system or CRM system you use with ease.