Rapid Reply

Our Rapid Reply Inquiry Management System makes responding to your inquiries our top priority!

Over the years, we’ve learned from our university partners that providing a consistently swift fulfillment response to inquirers can be challenging in busy admission offices. Many schools don’t have the staff, facilities, or technology to provide timely responses to new inquirers. So, we developed our unique turnkey Rapid Reply Inquiry Management System to help you quickly respond to these students—when interest levels are at their peak.

KelmscottEDU’s dynamic Rapid Reply Inquiry Management System provides fast and targeted print and electronic communications to all your inquirers, keeping them engaged and much more likely to apply. Our service includes:
  • Immediate entry of student inquirers into system;
  • Personalized reply sent to student inquirers within 24 hours;
  • Instant launch of your customized inquiry communication campaign; and
  • Easy export of data for entry into your institutional database

Backed up already? Send us your inquiries now, and we’ll input them and have your communications out within 24 hours.

And keep in mind, the Rapid Reply Inquiry Management System can be used in conjunction with several other KelmscottEDU recruitment services, including:
  • Sophomore, Junior and/or Senior Student Searches
  • Inquiry-to-Applicant Conversion Campaigns
  • Award-Winning Design and Copywriting Services
  • Precise Audience Targeting™