We’re Mobile Smart

What’s Your Mobile I.Q.?

Students prefer using their smartphones and tablets more than ever to explore colleges. In fact, national data shows that up to 80 percent of students have access to a smartphone or tablet. And these students use their mobile devices to read emails from universities, inquire, or apply.

Mobile Smart uses responsive design to optimize emails, inquiry forms, and applications so they look their best on a mobile device and garner the highest number of responses possible. Without it, you could be getting lower search results than you deserve.

But it’s not just our designs that are Mobile Smart. We scrub, clean, and test your subject lines and copy in multiple browsers for maximum deliverability. And we stay up late keeping up on all the latest industry standards for you.

Our Mobile Smart solutions put KelmscottEDU partners in the Mensa club of higher education. With KelmscottEDU, you’ll always be Mobile Smart—at no extra charge.