Retention Services

You’ve worked hard to recruit and enroll qualified students. But once these students are on campus, how can you ensure they stay and complete their degrees?
It’s important to identify students at risk of attrition early so that you can intervene by connecting them to the appropriate services and resources designed to get them back on track and progressing towards their degrees. To assist with early warning, KelmscottEDU offers retention communications and surveys that can uncover data about your at-risk students, which you can act on immediately and reduce the risk of these individuals dropping out.

Our retention communications services start with an in-depth consultation. Our strategist will confer with you and conduct deep analyses before creating a data-informed retention communication strategy for your institution. We’ll partner with you to create a personalized and targeted retention communication plan tailored to your specific goals.
Our retention communications help to improve student affinity with the institution and reduce the risk of attrition. We’ll create tailored first-term, mid-term, freshman-to-sophomore, and/or sophomore-to-junior retention campaigns that combine targeted messages with a pre-populated survey.

Assessing student satisfaction and risk factors helps you address issues before they lead to attrition. Let KelmscottEDU create eye-catching, pre-populated retention surveys for an early first-term or mid-term assessment, freshman-to-sophomore transition, sophomore-to-junior transition, or any other time you want to take the pulse of your students and identify individuals who may be at risk of dropping out.
With our retention surveys, you will be able to identify attrition red flags early, and then plan and develop your interventions accordingly.