Search 365

Connecting with students year-round.

Search 365: A year-round program to connect with students.

Search 365 is a year-round student search strategy that contacts prospective students when their names first become available and they are ready to explore your institution. Search 365 is student search on your prospective students’ terms. Research shows that you’ll get the best results when you engage students early and often in the college selection process.

Reaching the right students at the right times with the right messages.

With Search 365, your institution will have several search launch cycles throughout the year to engage students when they are most ready to explore colleges. This innovative approach to search begins with deep-dive data analyses, custom name buy, and the development of a year-round, strategic messaging plan that coordinates building multiple years of your funnel, which can include freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, transfers, and/or graduate students.

The face of student search is changing. Are you keeping up?

Your Search 365 campaign can combine a mix of many or all of the following innovative strategies to make your student search even more effective and help you stand out from the crowd:

List Qualification
Electronic Messages
Parent Engagement
Precise Audience Targeting™
Calling Campaigns
Fast Fulfillment
24/7 Reporting
Direct Mail
Variable Printing
Mobile Smart Designs
Text Messaging