Student and Parent Engagement

KelmscottEDU’s multi-year, cross-communication student and parent engagement is designed to assist you in building relationships and engaging inquiries, applicants, and parents, thereby leading your institution to enrollment success. We use our advanced communication system to send all of your messages for you, giving you peace of mind that they are reaching prospective students and parents.


Once students have inquired, it’s critical to keep them interested in your institution. KelmscottEDU works with you to keep your prospective students engaged and build a rapport with them. Our inquiry engagement strategy includes a strategically planned sequence of electronic messages to encourage students to visit campus, attend campus events, and learn more about your institution.


Many of today’s prospective students apply to more than one college or university. So, it’s imperative to build a relationship with them from the point they apply until they enroll. KelmscottEDU’s applicant engagement strategy uses a cross-communication approach to engage and encourage students to deposit and enroll; thus, increasing your yield rates


Today’s parents are more involved in students’ college decisions than ever. So, it’s important to reach out and build a rapport with them. KelmscottEDU’s parent engagement strategy uses parent mailings to meet and engage prospective students’ parents, helping increase students’ chances of enrolling.