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Your institution is unique, so we design a one-of-a-kind student search campaign to meet your specific recruitment goals. We start with a consultation to discuss your goals, needs, and challenges, and conduct a deep analysis before creating your tailored and data-informed search strategy. Then, we partner with you to create a personalized and targeted search tailored to your institution. Our dedicated recruitment communications team works with you throughout the entire student-search process: from list purchase to results analysis.

Target Your Search with PAT
All of KelmscottEDU’s student searches include Precise Audience Targeting™ (PAT), the most advanced customization communications solution available anywhere. With PAT, you can tailor your messages and visuals to meet each of your prospective student’s interests.

KelmscottEDU’s customized Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior Search helps build your inquiry pool, leading your institution to enrollment success. We can assist you with list purchase, create a unique search plan for your institution, and write and send a strategically planned sequence of electronic and print messages specifically designed to motivate students to inquire and strengthen the top of your admissions funnel.

Our personalized Senior Search assists you in attracting and engaging seniors and increasing yield rates. We create a one-of-a-kind senior-search strategy and send a timed sequence of electronic and print messages, carefully crafted to persuade students to apply and build your applicant pool.

Recruiting transfer students is no longer as simple as visiting the local community college. KelmscottEDU has developed a proven strategy for identifying high–achieving community college students and encouraging them to apply to your institution.

Timing is everything when working to keep graduate student interest at peak level. KelmscottEDU’s Graduate Search assists you in attracting and engaging prospective graduate students. We create a tailored graduate search strategy based on the specific features and benefits of your institution. Then, we send an intentionally planned sequence of electronic and print messages, designed to build your graduate applicant pool.

Adult and other non-traditional student search can be a challenge as it can be difficult to identify potential adult students from the various lists available. At KelmscottEDU,we have developed a multilayered search strategy that uses a combination of lists and other innovative methods to successfully identify prospective adult students and effectively recruit them. We will partner with you to create personalized and data-informed adult and non-traditional search strategies for your institution.